Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brake service and a few bit of wear and tear

Bit of maintenance on the 2000 this afternoon - New discs (BMW E30 265mm x 22mm) and Mazda RX7 DS2500 Ferodo pads to replace the Mintex 1144 and worn out discs
Had to swap out a chewed up inner wheel bearing Japan NSK rubbish - replaced with Timken. Main TCA ball joint was also worn and causing steering knocks and vibration - replaced with one of the few NOS Stanpart I have left.
All back together with longer studs (Mk1 RS2000)

Ready for a TSOA Night Sprint meeting on the 5th March + and noise and vibation from the front end cured.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Vintage Stampede and TSOA/TCC show and shine plus a few hiccups

Lots of stuff on in the last few weeks - first up are some classics at Scrutiny for the annual VSCC stampede
 Fuel injected 5.8 Ford Windsor (stroker) in a GT40 replica at Welshpool scrutineering
 Cooper S (proper little'un)
 I have no doubt that with appropriate gearing the rego is valid!
 Nice old Mk1 Jag
Tight fit - Lexus 4.0 in a Stag
Lovely Spitfire 4 with a later Mk3
PI estate in Tahiti .... nice nick - no knowledge of history - newly WA registered but looks like its been in Oz a while.
Diesel Vangaurd Ute - true tractor engined Triumph/Standard
Fore-runner to my PI estate - Vanguard Station wagon - remember my dad saying he'd have loved one when new - great for continental touring - sleep in the car
I actually bother to wash my PI
Moving on - my 2100 EFI failed to proceed on the way to work - here on a recovery truck - Megasquirt was not guilty - Bosch EFI pump (fake?) had failed after 8 years
A few competitors on sunday 29th Nov - Vintage stampede - Paul Roberts lovely silver Sprint and Doug Vanzettis GT6 Mk1 (2.5PI)
Greg Crists - Mk2 GT6
Mark Jones TR4
Obviously we arrived too late for decent shaded pits
TR6 was running road tyres -my 195/55 R spec were worn out  - possibly the only car that wasn't using R spec - acquitted itself OK but late braking was tricky with relative lack of grip and the gearing was a bit tall with a 3.45 diff. It would seem a proper R spec tyres is worth about 4 or 5 secs at Barbagallo - 195/65 Blue earth Yokohamas did bloody well considering they were $400 for 4 rather than $400 each.
Next plan is 205/60 A048 and a 3.7 LSD
Ready for the stampede
In the pitlane
Some mild exotica for Perth
Dave Markichs TR8
Support crews - Ken and Seamus

Monday, August 31, 2015

Long time no blog

No update in ages - not that I haven't been busy. Just busier doing stuff than updating what I'm doing which on balance is more productive. Picture below show where me and Ken have spent a fair few weekends and tuesday nights - Humphs pad in the suburbs of Wembley where collectively we have reconstructed his mild mannered 1968 Triumph 2000 auto into a snorting beast of 2.7 fuel injected high compression madness.
 My TR6 and Ken Bryants 4.3 V8 outside humphs

The new white beast after first fire up 

The noisy bit - running a Farndon steel crank, Shacktune steel flywheel, Pauter steel rods and forged GTT 77mm pistons. With a slightly bonkers 11.75 CR and a Hybrid Le Mans Spitfire spec cam it promises to be quite a mover when back on the circuits.
 My TR was sounding and feeling very rough and investigation led to non-existent gearbox rubber mounts - dissolved by a torrent of oil out of the selector o-rings. Not sure if anyone is familiar with replacing the little blighters but experience of a few TR people over here says the replacement O-rings are worse than useless and a better type of O-ring called a quad ring solves the perpetual problem.

The O rings are a standard imperial size 1/2" ID and 11/16" OD  3/32" section
Size reference 112
 Whilst under the gearbox cover I found that all bell housing bolts loose to some degree and the gearbox oil was like black soup - easy to drain and refill at this stage.
 Ken helped rebuild the selectors which are a bit of a puzzle to the uninitiated - ceratinly a good couple of hours required to do them properly - added the missing spring and metal widget to the base of the gear lever and generally tighten up some slack in the selectors.
The result is a much tighter gear change - no more jumping out of 2nd gear (I think) , no gearstick buzz and really smooth driveline thanks to the new rubbers.

My 2100 EFI got a bit of a makeover at the weekend with CV rear driveshafts from the UK
They only took about an hour to fit on the Markich 2 poster and whilst we were there added another cherry bomb to the exhaust to keep me sane. Thanks Russell
The datsun shafts I removed were in an OK state but one of the Tridat UJ's was half seized and both Triumph hubs slightly noisy - The difference in refinement is really quite remarkable and shows how a droney back end creeps up on you - the partially seized inner UJ was even creating a diff whine (resonance?) which is now gone.

The ultimate indulgence are Shacktune's Titanium wheel nuts - seen here fitted with Mk1 escort 55mm wheel studs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TSOA National Perth 2014

Sunday morning at Guilford - Show Shine and Soaking. My freshly finished PI estate meets my dads old 2500S
Neat Vitesse M2 - rare in Oz

Preparing for a day on the track at Wanneroo - rain had stopped by Monday fortunately

Neat modification to Brian Falloons metering unit to give top end enrichment
Brian Falloons rapid TR5

Love the subtle mod to this TR5's rev counter

Ex Tony Hart Stag

Ken Bryants V8 saloon makes its debut at Wanneroo next to David Markichs freshly completed TR8
Paul Roberts Quicksilver Sprint - killed its alternator but battery swaps kept it going very well
 Front left tyre delaminated on my PI ending my day before I got a shot at the long track

Results here